Lavishly costumed strolling a cappella singers

Whether greeting guests at your front door, strolling table-to-table taking requests, or singing a mini-concert, the YULETIDE CAROLERS create a warm and spirited ambience for any Holiday gathering.

An appreciation for old world charm and the traditional Holidays of yore create the charming and lovely music of the YULETIDE CAROLERS.  With a vast musical repertoire, the YULETIDE CAROLERS sing virtually all the best known and most loved Christmas favorites  --  shying away from obscure musical selections which may not be familiar to your audience.

Our YULETIDE CAROLERS wear authentic Dickens Era costumes which are executed in cream, camel and red in striking brocades, velvets and woolens.  Although each costume is unique, they work beautifully together in a stunning and festive array of rich holiday color.

Selected through extensive auditions, the Michetti/Knowles Quartets utilize talents from among the finest vocalists in Southern California.

You are listening to the voices of Michetti/Knowles Entertainment's traditional YULETIDE CAROLERS